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Agro-ecology and farming

We work with farmers, market gardeners and soil scientists to design and test agricultural poultry systems which support the growing of other food crops.
We are currently looking for market gardeners and orchardists who want to partner with us and trial the use of specific duck breeds within market garden and orchard systems.
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There are multiple benefits to systems like these: putting poultry on farming land can radically improve soil fertility and productivity, reduce pest and disease loads and help to manage grass levels.
Healthy, biologically diverse soil holds and stores water, and produces crops with superior flavour and shelf life.
A well-designed poultry system can also provide additional income in the form of artisanal egg sales.
The presence of animals on a farm increases opportunities for agro-tourism, particularly if unique, attractive and trainable breeds are selected.
Our goals include the development of profitable systems that require the minimum amount of human labour input to keep them running.  We time routine farming procedures down to the second, constantly refining systems.
It is important to note that much of our work is in the research and development phase. 
We are happy to offer free support and advice to farms and farmers on a case-by-case basis. 
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