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Partner with us: seeking duck-curious market gardeners

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We are seeking commercial market gardeners who want to partner with us by incorporating ducks into their market gardens. This is a trial for mutual benefit and learning: we don't claim to know it all.

We are willing to offer both free support and free live ducklings to growers who are able to get some duck housing and fencing up and running (with our help).

So if you have been hammered by the slugs and snails this season (FYI ducks love to eat these) then read on....

We breed both Indian Runner ducks and Pekin ducks because of their unique characteristics:

*ducks are exceptionally easy to train and to herd, and can be directed to different garden areas on a rotational basis

*ducks excel at 'de-bugging', and particularly love eating slugs and snails

*ducks can be easily contained and fenced: Pekins and Indian Runner ducks cannot fly (at all!) and only need to be fenced to knee height

*duck poo is low nitrogen and comes in a liquid form, making their manure an excellent soil addition which can also be captured and directed using a range of systems

*chickens shred gardens, but ducks can be (carefully) moved through specific garden areas at different stages of the planting cycle provided key techniques are followed - regular movement and observation is key.

*duck eggs are a niche product which command a far higher price than chicken eggs

*ducks are superb foragers and typically require far less additional purchased feed than chickens

*no special permits or legal status is required to sell eggs in Victoria provided the seller owns fifty birds or less

*ducks add more cute to your social media and increase your agro-tourism appeal

What we require

While we are eager to provide growers with free support and live birds, we need to ensure that the duck systems which will be developed are likely to be successful.

Please email us at to organise a time to chat

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