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About the Course

We will be running our free webinar again in the next month! Email us at: if you would like to be put on the list....

Whether you are interested in closing waste loops, self-sufficiency and food security or just saving some money, there are a range of strategies you can use to get your chook food bill down or even eliminate it.

In this fun and informative introductory webinar, we look at a few of the different factors and strategies that you can leverage to reduce your feed bill.

Ancient chicken history: why understanding how chickens evolved puts you ahead of the feed game

Ranging and tractoring: simple strategies you can use to get your chickens a free dinner (without them becoming a fox dinner)

Creating self-feeding environments: how you can create a 'food forest' which enables your birds to dig for their own bugs and worms.

Becoming a bug farmer: growing a few creepy-crawlies can help you feed your flock

Accessing the waste stream: because your local cafe is probably throwing away all the food your chickens would ever need

Your Instructor

De Chantal Hillis

De Chantal Hillis is a poultry nerd who loves her power tools. She founded Little Raptors with her son Ethan in 2020.

De Chantal holds a Masters degree in education from the University of Melbourne, where she wrote a thesis on hands-on Permaculture education in community settings. She has taught in a wide variety of schools, including Geelong Grammar School, Bialik College and Daylesford primary. She has run literacy programs for newly arrived migrant children, and worked extensively with students with special needs.

De Chantal is also an experienced music teacher. She holds a degree in Music Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts.

De Chantal lives in Malmsbury with her husband Jose Ramos and her children Rafaela and Ethan.

De Chantal Hillis
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