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About the Course

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Do you own backyard chooks but don't know what to do when you have too many roosters? Do you want to take responsibility for your meat production, but lack the know-how to take the plunge?

In this gentle and respectful workshop you will learn several ways of humanely dispatching, plucking and eviscerating (gutting) a rooster.

Depending on how you feel on the night, you will be supported in killing your own animal, or having a workshop leader kill your animal for you. You may also choose to attend as an observer so that you can simply watch the process from beginning to end.

You will be taught four separate methods of delivering a fast and accurate kill, as well as strategies for keeping animals calm throughout the process.

You will also learn special techniques for dunking, plucking and eviscerating chickens which dramatically speed up the butchering process. With a little practice and using the right methods, it is possible to kill, pluck and dress a chicken in less than ten minutes. This can be done with nothing more than basic household equipment.

While we understand that this may be a sensitive topic for some, it is important to note that we feel it is important that people learn these techniques face-to-face so that small scale agricultural skills can be passed on, in environments where animals can be taken care of properly throughout their lives, and also receive an extremely fast, calm and skilful death at the end.

If you are curious about this event, and have questions you wish to ask prior to making a choice about whether to book or not, we are happy to give you a call to talk things over....we know that this workshop may not be for everyone....

Email De at:

These workshops are held outdoors; come warmly dressed and ready to get a bit messy.

Participants may either bring their own rooster (or roosters) to this event or, alternatively, contact the organiser (email: so that a rooster can be organised for them in advance. Please note that this typically attracts an additional fee of between $10 and $25.

If you only wish to observe, and are not interested in taking an active role, you will still require a ticket but you will not require a rooster.

Your Instructor

Joel Meadows

Joel Meadows is an environmental educator, energy auditor, building designer, sustainable transport consultant, illustrator, avid gardener, metal worker and musician.

He is one of the main teachers for the Ceres environmental park PDC, the Castlemaine PDC and the VEG (Very Edible Gardens) PDC.

Joel illustrated the second edition of David Holmgren's 'Permaculture Principles' book, as well as 'The Rocket Powered Oven' book with Tim Barker.

Joel lives with his family in their owner-built and designed passive solar strawbale house in Castlemaine, Vic.

Joel Meadows
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